May (wild) x Methyl Borogrove

A Belated Update!

15th September 2017

Just an update to confirm that all nine of May's babies - now 5 months old - are doing really well, with many settled in happily to new homes. Here are a selection of photos of them as they've grown up:

Shiny Babies!

25th April 2017

May's kittens are continuing to grow beautifully, and are just starting to get fur. They're also more adventurous than Mercury's kittens were at the same age, happily leaving the nest to explore the rest of the cage even though their eyes won't open for another few days yet!

Six Days Old

23rd April 2017

May was initially very protective of her babies so we kept disturbances to a minimum until she was happy to leave the cage for free range time and we could handle the kittens without upsetting her. All nine kittens are doing well, growing beautifully and very active.


18th April 2017

Within a couple of hours of bidding farewell to Borogrove yesterday, May surprised us all by giving birth to nine wriggly pink kittens! Mum and babies are all doing well.

Time To Say Goodbye

17th April 2017

After six weeks with us (the last two sharing a cage with May), Borogrove has now returned home to Methyl Rattery. He is a really lovely rat, chunky and cuddly and gentle, and we shall miss him a great deal (even if he did have a habit of piddling on everything in sight)! We will be eternally grateful to Laura for allowing us to borrow him and steal his lovely genes for our first generation of litters.

Happy Couple

14th April 2017

May continues to gain weight and will soon be ready to move into the nursing cage ready to give birth. She still seems to be enjoying Borogrove's company at the moment though!

Getting Bigger?

7th April 2017

May hasn't been visibly getting any larger since introducing her to Borogrove, but we've been weighing her regularly and from the trend we're hopeful that she is pregnant!

New Girlfriend

25th March 2017

Following Mercury's successful delivery of ten kittens, we've decided to keep momentum going forward and breed May (her sister) with Borogrove as well. Both May and Borogrove seem very happy with the new arrangement and Mercury doesn't appear to have even noticed yet!