Woodbank Taylor x Queen Romeo

Rat Genetics

4th March 2020

Every genetic trait has a genotype (the pair of genes related to that trait) and a phenotype (the visible outcome produced by that genotype or combination of genotypes). At the simplest level, agouti (A) is a basic dominant/recessive gene so the genotypes of "AA", "Aa" and "aA" will all yield the dominant "A" (Agouti) phenotype and only the genotype of "aa" will yield the recessive "a" (non-Agouti/black) phenotype.

Even though Mercury and May (the respective maternal and paternal grandmothers of Romeo) were wild rats and therefore unlikely to carry any genes other than "plain" Agouti, we know that Borogrove (the grandfather of Romeo on both maternal and paternal sides) carried genes for chocolate (b) and mink (m) and therefore there's a reasonable chance that Taylor and Romeo's litter has the potential to yield a number of different varieties (i.e. fur colours).

Taylor is Russian silver and therefore we know she definitely carries the genes for black (aa), Russian blue (dd) and British blue (gg), plus possibly the recessive gene for mink (m); taking into account the abovementioned recessive colour genes that are possibly carried by Romeo (he is Agouti but of course we have no way of knowing which - if either - of the two recessive genes he carries; this hypothetical situation gives us all their potential combinations), the possibilities are as follows:

Back on the Horse (...or should that be Rat?)

2nd March 2020

Exciting news! We have just started breeding again; our first pairing will be between Woodbank Taylor (Russian silver doe) and Queen Romeo (Agouti buck). We even remembered to weigh Taylor before starting the breeding cycle, she's quite petite (323g) but very healthy so we're optimistic for a good outcome!