Queen Bohemian Rhapsody x Queen Brian May

Baby Photos

4th February 2018

Some more photos of our gorgeous little rat babies!

Baby girl rats (4 days old) #rats #ratsofinstagram #babyrats #kittens

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Baby boy rats (4 days old) #rats #ratsofinstagram #babyrats #kittens

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Rat Genetics

2nd February 2018

Even though Mercury and May (the mothers of Rhapsody and Brian respectively) are wild rats and therefore unlikely to carry any genes other than "normal" Agouti, we know that there's a good chance Borogrove (the father of both Rhapsody and Brian) carries genes for self (a), chocolate (b), mink (m) and red eye dilute (r) and therefore there's a chance Rhapsody and Brian's litter might have some different varieties (i.e. colours) in it. It's too soon to say for sure, but already four of the kittens do look to have lighter eyes and skin than the others.

Assuming both Rhapsody and Brian inherited all four colour genes from their father (which of course we have no way of knowing as they'd only have one recessive copy each, but this hypothetical situation gives us the options for all their potential combinations), the possibilities are as follows:

12 baby rats (3 days old) #rats #ratsofinstagram #babyrats #kittens

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A Dozen Babies!

31st January 2018

We're delighted to announce that Rhapsody gave birth yesterday evening to twelve perfect little kittens. Early indications are that between 6 and 8 are male and the rest are female, but it's still a bit too early to be certain.

*Very* Pregnant

30th January 2018

With this weight gain we think that Rhapsody must SURELY be due to have her babies any time now...

rhapsody's weight


28th January 2018

Well, she certainly looks like she's full of kittens!

Pregnant Rhapsody enjoying a snack! #rat #rats #ratsofinstagram

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23rd January 2018

Rhapsody continues to keep us guessing as to whether or not she's pregnant! She's gained 40g in weight since being re-introduced to Brian a couple of weeks ago which is a good sign but she isn't as big around the middle as we'd expect by this stage.

Second Time Lucky!

6th January 2018

After a previous unsuccessful mating in December, we've reintroduced Rhapsody and Brian in the hope of producing a litter this time!

Brian & Rhapsody #rat #rats #ratsofinstagram

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